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Tech Lead/Software engineer. I am currently working on Legal Technologies and Computational Law. I enjoy opera, philosophy nature and literature.

It does not matter wether you want to sleep under the stars in a tent, a tarp or with only the stars as your roof, but if you want to have a as comfortable as possible night and, not the least, wake up in the morning, check for the 5 Ws.

The 5 Ws are useful for a family trip but also in case you are forced to spend a night outside. …

This is not a pipe. Plato would agree.

As developers, we are told many things about “abstraction” it is sometimes perceived as evil as it makes the code obscure and not understandable to others. On the other hand some say it is good and we should strive to achieve good abstraction as abstraction is what makes the difference between a normal developer and a 10x developer.

We have all heard about abstraction. The concept is simple: find similarities, create an abstraction from it, use that abstraction by specializing it with what is different in a specific instance of your code.

We know many abstractions. We use it all…

I could not find the information so this might be useful to someone. Shopware 6 uses twig templating system, therefore you can format dates as you wish very easily.

By default the order confirmation email template uses


This will output the date as follow February 10, 2021 16:56 And that might not be the desired format. Therefore it can easily be formatted differently by passing a parameter to the function:


This will format the date as follow 10.02.2021. The date method accepts works mostly like the PHP date method, so you can pass a second argument such as the time zone.

Photo by Samuel Pouyt on Unsplash

C’est en 1832 que le jeune Mikhail Lermontov publie ce petit poème alors qu’il se trouve à Saint-Pétersbourg pour y devenir officier après avoir quitté ses études à Moscou, la ville de sa famille.

Poème allégorique, la voile représente la vie de Lermontov qui quitte le connu, sa vie moscovite, pour s’engager dans un autre monde. Il se pose beaucoup de question et l’oxymore final reflète bien ses inquiétudes. Voilà un extrait de la lettre, écrite en français, dans laquelle il partage son poème.

Voilà plusieures semaines déjà que nous sommes séparés, peut-être pour bien longtemps, car je ne vois…

Lydia Timochenko — Illustration du duel entre Lenski et Onéguine

L’orgueil et l’égoïsme conduisent dans la solitude et la mort. Voilà l’idée abordée par Alexandre Pouchkine dans Eugène Onéguine un roman en vers qui couronnera son auteur en roi de la poésie romantique. C’est le meilleur ouvrage pour entendre un texte chanter naturellement et pour comprendre ce que d’aucuns nomment l’âme russe en tout cas pour sa part d’irrationalité et d’abattement.

Ce roman en vers met tout à l’envers, renversant les caractères et les situations pour mieux dépeindre la société du dix-neuvième siècle qui met au centre de ce changement le bal, pivot majeur des revirements de situation, pivot des…

How to ease your way in programming as quick as possible?

1. Set Goals. Why do you want to program. Keep them in mind.

Goals will help you keep on track. It is easy to lose yourself. Keep coming back to your goals.

2. Based on your goals, limit yourself

Stick to what you have decided, you will have time later to explore new areas. Programming is a vast subject. If you do a little of everything, you will not know anything.

3. Do not follow tutorials, build the thing yourself.

It is easy to get lost in tutorials, reading one, trying a little, and not finishing anything, because of too much copy pasting and no clear understanding of how things work. Tutorials are rabbit holes. …

Google was in the news not long ago. They have decided to end a very popular free service: Google Photos free unlimited storage.

It might not impact you right away, especially if you are a happy owner of a Google Pixel phone, but if you do, you are in many ways already many steps ahead of the wave that is coming. Google is doing this as a part of a master plan. A plan that all the GAFAM are following. Actually, It is not a plan, it is a war and you are at the center of it.


In 1896 automobiles or “motorcars”, looked funny and blacksmiths were not expecting that in a few years time, they would, for the most part, be out of a job, replaced by car workshops. If at that time everyone had a horse, now everyone has a car, and it is rare to know someone who actually owns a horse. At that time, some early adopters “simply gave up and used a horse” (Ridiculous U.K. Traffic Laws of Yore).

Many people have now tried AI assistants, some use it regularly, but many just gave up. Siri did not live to our expectations…

Bien que d’aucuns associent les cycles de Lieder comme un genre musical datant seulement du début du romantisme allemand, c’est un genre ancien dont des exemples peuvent être trouvés déjà en 1609 avec Venus Kräntzlein de Schein ou encore le cycle de Heinrich Albert datant de 1645: Musicalische Kürbs-Hütte. Mais lorsque le genre est abordé, la première figure qui vient à l’esprit est Franz Schubert et ses deux cycles: Die schöne Müllerin et Die Winterreise.

Squash it quick!

Thou shalt keep Calm!

Real bugs happen in production, when your systems are under heavy load or when you need them the most. Yes your boss is doing a demo of the software to clients. Yes, it is black friday and money is at stake. Yes your company is losing money. Yes you will have to explain yourself. But now is the time to keep calm. Stress will not help you. It will make the matter worse. Pro tip: Kick your boss out of the room, especially if he stresses you.

Thou shalt check the Plug!

If the screen is black, the power might be out. The computer might…

Samuel Pouyt

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